I'm Nikola Milovanović,
web developer

Front End / Back End Developer

Recent work

Metalogalvanic Srbija

Tech store - Mern stack

Diving shop - React

Gold Quest - Java

Sport Advance

Orion Consulting

About me

I’m a Front-End Developer located in Belgrade, Serbia. I have started building stuff since 2017 when i made my first website as university project. I enjoy creating new ideas and developing them into websites, apps and games, where my focus is always on user-friendly design.

In the last years i have built various websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, PHP and WordPress and programs using Java and C++.

I believe that learning tech skills is lifelong process, so i strive to continually learn new skills while also keep honing existing ones.


HTML 90%
CSS 90%
Javascript 80%
React 80%
Node.js 70%
Java 70%
SQL 70%
C/C++ 50%
WordPress 90%
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